Using Web Shell to Manage Your WordPress

If you want to use Linux commands to manage your applications, you can use Web Shell on the client panel. You can issue commands as if you are inside container and perform local operations like monitoring, debugging, and using CLI commands specific to what is running in the container. In this article, we will cover

1. Locate the application

Log in to the Client Panel and locate your target application.

2. Access Web Shell

Click on a specific deployment to enter its detailed page. You can easily find "Web Shell" tab in the menu bar.

Click on the Web Shell tab, then more details will appear. You can see a "Connect" button in the container list, which is only available to verified clients for security reasons. To update your billing account information, please log in to the client panel.

Click on Connect button to open a new window. You can issue commands in it.

Please note:

  1. You should always run 'apt update' before any 'apt install' operations.
  2. Softwares or packages installed via command "apt install" will be removed when the container is restarted.
  3. The data and configuration files of your apps are stored in directories /cloudclusters.
  4. Clients can manage web application services by supervisor CTL: supervisorctl start/stop/restart apache supervisorctl start/stop/restart mysql supervisorctl start/stop/restart php-fpm
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